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Printed out the book "Sea birds and mammals of Russian Far East" (illustrated field guide) written by bird's specialist Yuri Artukhin and sea mammals specialist Vladimir Burkanov. More then 300 photographs and paint arts, 200 maps.

We are looking for publishers to print out the next books:

Kamchatka from above

Illustrated photoalbum by Alexey Mazlov, who spent a 15 years filming Kamchatka from southern cape Lopatka to northern Chukotka from helicopter. All seasons, all landscapes - volcanoes, mountains, tundra, sea cost...

  • 200 full color photographs
  • Size 13" x 10-3/8"
  • Hard cover
  • Original design

Kamchatka - the remains of Eaden on the Earth.

Illustrated photoalbum by Alexander Ladyguin, the author of idea and creator of EcoPhoto imagery archive. Alexander spent 8 years on an odyssey in a wild areas of Kamchatka that took him to record over a set of different species (such as Steller's sea eagle, swans, spawning salmons, bears, sea otters...) and their habitats. This book celebrates the incredible diversity of wildlife that still inhabits the Earth in a such wild areas as Russian Far East. The set of 10 essays written in an art style describes an naturalist life style in a wild areas of Russian Far East, Kamchatka. Some stories are available there(available only in Russian).

  • 200 full color photographs
  • Size 13" x 10-3/8"
  • Hard cover
  • Original design

100 photographs of sacred life of brown bear

Photoalbum of Vitaliy Nicolaenko - famous Kamchatka's photographer who spent 25 years studing ang filming bead in a wild.

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