Eagle Summer//BBCWildlife Magazine, 1995, October, N10, vol. 13

A shadow slid slowly across the snow-covered birch as the huge, piebald bird landed heavily on a branch. For an instant it was lost again, swallowed up by the forest's protective mosaic of black and white... >>>

Fire, Ice and Eagles//Natural History Magazine, 1994, vol. 2

Winter nights are long on Russia's far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula, but moonlight brightens the landscape when it reflects off snow some six feet deep. I leave my log cabin before dawn and ski toward Kuril Lake, hoping to elude detection by crows, ravens, and eagles...>>>

Who were fishing with Giant Khutkhu?//Nature, #2, 1999 (Russian edition)

Only Russian text is available>>>

The Valley of boiling waters//GEO, 2001, vol. 9
Eagle on the edge//International Wildlife, 2000, september-october, вып. 30-5
Sea birds and mammals of Russian Far East//Arthukhin Y.B., Burkanov V.N. АSТ Press 2000 г.
Kamchatka - no way forward//All World, 1999, #9 (Russian edition)