Available photo stories

Our files cover landscapes and wildlife issues from Russia, mostly Kamchatka peninsula.
They are the result of our 20 years of fieldwork on the most wild hidden area in the world.
We license images for editorial and commercial use. Please contact us if you have any specific photo needs.

25 years experience of field filming and living with brown bears at Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Far East
by Vitaliy Nikolaenko
by Vitaliy Nikolaenko
10 years experience of living with an Steller's eagle in wild
by Alexander Ladyguin
10 years experience of flying above Kamchatka
by Alexey Mazlov
Photo Essay, 2-01-1999 eruption of Karumskiy volkanoe
by Alexey Maslov
by Alexander Ladygin
by Yuri Arthukhin, Vladimir Burkanov
by Yuri Arthukhin
Photo Essay about life cycle of Steller's sea eagle written by scientist
by Alexander Ladyguin

For further information about Ecophoto photos and stories, please contact us at ladygin@rc.ru

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