Volume 3

Volume III, Number 1, 1990 (Biocontrol)


  • Togo Tries Biocontrol

  • Editorial

  • Breaking Strigas Stranglehold

  • A Sampling of Research Centers and Information Resources

  • Recent Books & Reports

  • Predatious Ants Patrol Sweet Potatoes in Cuba

  • Melon Intercrop Smothers Weeds in Plantain Fields

  • Peruvian Virus Knocks Potato Tuber Moth

    Volume III, Number 2, 1990 (Index)


  • Bush Fallow Enhancement Research in Peru

  • Sustainable Agriculture Index

  • Sustainable Agriculture Systems

  • Readers Reach

    Volume VI, Number 3, 1990 (Legumes/Green Manures)


  • Plant Protection Using Compost Extracts

  • Composting Destroys Fungal Pathogens

  • Two Legumes With High Potential as Green Manures

  • 10 Sources of Legume Seed and Information

  • Legumes Transfer N to Other Crops

  • Legume Green Manures: a Potential Substitute for Fertilizer in Maize

    Volume III, Number 4, 1990 (Composting)


  • Plant Protection Using Compost Extracts

  • Composting Destroys Fungal Pathogens

  • US Trends in Composting Technology

  • Composting Gains Acceptance Among Senegalese Farmers

  • Composted Poultry Manure Boosts Plantain Yields and Nematode Resistance

  • Editor's Choice: 4 of the Best Books on Composting & Soil Improvement

  • Resource Contacts Offering Technical Assistance and/or Training in Composting

    Volume III, Number 5, 1990 (Post Harvest)


  • Saving Seed in Senegal

  • Erosion's Enemy

  • Cultivating the Dogon Plateau, Mali

  • Storing Rice with Eucalyptus and Guava Leaves

  • Control of Fruit Rot with Yeast

  • Predator Cuts Grain Losses in Africa

  • Kill the Stem Borer, Save the Stem

  • Postharvest Information Resources

  • Book Review

    Volume III, Number 6, 1990 (Livestock)


  • Introducing Dual-Purpose Goats: Lessons Learned

  • Ivermectin Controls Parasites

  • Biocontrol of Cattle Parasites

  • Forage You Can Bank On

  • Crop-Livestock Interactions Affecting Soil Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Legumes with Your Coffee?

  • Three Good Books on Sustainable Livestock Management

  • St. Croix Sheep vs. Parasites