Resource Contacts offering Technical Assistance and/or Training in Composting

Dr. Margi Lennartsson Dr. P. J. C. Harris
Research Coordinator Overseas Coordinator
Henry Doubleday Research Association
National Centre for Organic Gardening
Coventry, CV8 3LG ENGLAND
Phone: (0203) 303517 Fax: (0203) 639229

Cyane Grecham, Research Technician
Rodale Research Center
611 Siegfriedale Rd.
Kutztown, Pa. 19530 USA
Phone: (215) 683-6383 Fax: (215) 683-8548

Jean-Marie Diop, Research Coordinator
Rodale International
B.P. A237
Phone: (221) 511028

John Njoroge, Director
Kenya Institute of Organic Farming
P.O. Box 34972
Nairobi, KENYA
Phone: (02)732487

Albert Aboli, Senior Trainer
Manor House Agricultural Center
Private Bag Kitale, KENYA
Phone: (0325) 20488

John A. Casey, President
IBF Co. Inc.
781 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109 USA
Tlx: 3711566 Fax: (415) 929-0275

Mr. Vilas Bahulekar
P.O. Box
Kisumu, KENYA
Phone: Fax: (035) 42759

Prof. Heinrich Weltzein
Institut fur Pflanzenkrankheiten
University of Bonn
Nussallee 9, D-5300 Bonn 1
West Germany
Tlx: 886657 UNIBO Fax: (0228) 732442

Camila Montecinas
Centro de Educacion y Tecnologia
Casilla 16557, Correo 9
Santiago, CHILE
Tel: 22 57758

Agriculture, Man and Ecology Programme
Post Box 11
Pondicherry 605 011, INDIA
Tlx: 469 255 PCO IN Fax: 0413 28132

Tadeu Caldas or Imfried Neumann
Emerson College
Rural Development Programme
Forest Row, Sussex, 5H18 5IX ENGLAND
PHONE: (034282) 2238

Dr. Julian Gonsalves, Senior Specialist
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction
Silong Cavite, PHILIPINES, 2710
Tlx: 762-40856 AB IIRR PM

Jean Marc van der Weid
Executive Director, AS-PTA
Ruo Bento Lisboo, 58
Catete, CEP 22221
Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRAZIL
Tlx: (021)34201 FOAS BR Fax: 55(21)205-3099