Azolla Exchange

Azolla, the tiny nitrogen-fixing fern that can be grown in conjunction with rice as a green manure, the fern that animals thrive on as an excellent nutrient source, is also the subject of a joint research project of possible benefit to you.

The International Rice Research Institute and the Catholic University of Louvain are simultaneously maintaining Azolla germplasm collections in the Philippines, and in Belgium. Anyone interested in obtaining a sample of Azolla carefully selected to suit the conditions of their particular situation, is encouraged to contact the program. Likewise, field workers are encouraged to collect and contribute samples to the project. Sending live samples by air mail is not difficult, if you follow these procedures.

In the field, collect a handful of Azolla, press it firmly in your hand or drain carefully on absorbent paper. Discard the paper and put the sample in a petri dish or a plastic bag; seal and maintain in a cool place. If carefully prepared, Azolla can survive in a refrigerator for at least two weeks.

Prepared samples sent by airmail can last up to 10 days, depending on transport conditions. Courier service may be preferable.


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