International Ag-Sieve


Volume II, Number 6, 1989 (Biodiversity)

"what were once considered separate issues- cultural survival, agricultural stability and diversity, and wildlands preservation- now seem to be tightly intertwined. let us keep these three strands wrapped together in a rope that we can climb to rise above the currents of extinction. let us weave that rope into nets by which we can rescue the cultural, natural, and agricultural resources that are threatened by the floods below."

Dr. Gary Nabhan, Enduring Seeds Contents:

  • A Popular Multipurpose Green Manure from Tanzania

  • A Root for the Fuel Problem

  • Controling Bilharzia with Berries

  • Editorial

  • Organizations in Underexploited Crops

  • Quinoa: a promising grain from South Africa

  • Tied Ridge/Legume Combination Boosts Yields in Burkina Faso

    Volume V, Number 4, 1993 (Seed Saving and Biodiversity)


  • Conserving Native Seeds and Culture

  • Editorial

  • Seedless Somalia Taps Emergency Cache

  • Farmers Try the New But Trust the Old

  • Survival of Freshwater Diversity

  • Seed and Germplasm Conservation Resources

  • Somewhere over the Genetic Rainbow

  • Indigenous Forest Management and Diversity

  • Book Review