International Ag-Sieve


Volume IV, Number 4, 1991 (Aquaculture)

"crop protection specialists are increasingly being asked to develop pest control methods that are more compatible with the goals of sustainable, productive, stable and equitable agriculture. to meet these aims, research must seek to integrate a range of complemetary pest control methods in a mutually enhancing fashion..."

Michel P. Pimbert, ICRISAT


  • Fungal Doom for Locusts and Grasshoppers

  • Nibbling Pests Trigger Scent Alarm

  • Researchers, Farmers, and Extersionists: a Rare Rendezvous in Senegal

  • Ageratum Hosts Citrus Beneficials in China

  • Extracts Surpass Synthetics for Suppressing Grasshoppers

  • "lime" Acid Soils with Green Manures

  • Chickens

  • Kangkong Seeds Success for Bangladesh Disaster Victims