International Ag-Sieve


Volume II, Number 4, 1989 (Agroforestry)

"no technology that treats the farmer as the last link in a hierachically oriented, expert-dominated chain of transmitted wisdom has a chance of succeeding. the extension service model of bringing the word from the smart scientist to the yokel is outmoded and should be scrapped."

David Ehrenfeld, Rutgers University Contents:

  • Little-Known Acacias: Promising Agroforestry Species

  • Organic Nematicide Doubles as Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • Indonesia Workshop Explores Bio-control of Leucaena Psyllid

  • Legumes Suppress Weeds in Pigeonpea

  • On-Farm Agroforestry Demonstrations in Ecuadorian Amazon

  • Book Review

    Volume II, Number 9, 1989 (Agroforestry)

    On the dry island of Hierro in the Canary Islands, there is a legend of the rain tree: a giant 'Til' tree (Ocotea foetens), "...the leaves of which condensed the mountain mists and caused water to drip into two large cisterns which were placed beneath. the tree was destroyed in a storm in 1612 a.d. but the site is known, and the remnants of the cistern preserved...[this one tree] distilled sufficient water from the sea mists to meet the needs of all the inhabitants."

    David Bramwell Contents:

  • 'Medias Lunas' Rejuvenate Bolivian Farmland

  • Species Focus: Prosopis cineraria

  • Alley Cropping in the Tropics...

  • Alley Cropping in the Temperate Zone...

  • A Hint for Growing Sesbania rostrata

  • Nutritional Value of Sesbania sesban

  • Tagaste, Chamaecytisus palmensis

  • Sources of Further Information

    Volume IV, Number 1, 1991 (Agroforestry)

    "the best opportunities for achieving quick gains in productivity may be by making small, simple improvements in farmers' current practices. this approach must be based on research firmly rooted in the environment and land-use system of the target group of armers and must reflect the farmers' own criteria for success. in this context, on-farm research is indespensable in achieving agroforestry's long-term research objectives."

    Dr. Marcelino Avila, ICRAF


  • Paulownia, the Tree of Choice in China

  • Erythrina Research in Costa Rica

  • The Tropical Forestry Action Plan: Course Correction

  • Agroforestry Systems in Semi-Arid Africa: think before you plant

  • Agroforestry in Haiti, "pwoje pyebwa"

  • Agroforestry Information and Resources

    Volume VI, Number 3, 1994 (Agroforestry)


  • Agroforestry that Works for People

  • Editorial

  • The Californian Treepeople

  • Readers React

  • Agroforestry in Burkina Faso

  • Hedgerows in the Philippines

  • The Value of Failure

  • Book Reviews