Volume 2

Volume IV, Number 1, 1991

"the best opportunities for achieving quick gains in productivity may be by making small, simple improvements in farmers' current practices. this approach must be based on research firmly rooted in the environment and land-use system of the target group of armers and must reflect the farmers' own criteria for success. in this context, on-farm research is indespensable in achieving agroforestry's long-term research objectives."

Dr. Marcelino Avila, ICRAF


  • Paulownia, the Tree of Choice in China

  • Erythrina Research in Costa Rica

  • The Tropical Forestry Action Plan: Course Correction

  • Agroforestry Systems in Semi-Arid Africa: think before you plant

  • Agroforestry in Haiti, "pwoje pyebwa"

  • Agroforestry Information and Resources

    Volume IV, Number 2, 1991

    "biological control is particularly appropriate for pest problems where: a certain amount of damage is tolerable; the initial or recureent cost of other control methods is too high in comparison with the value of the crop; or existing control measures are unsatisfactory, or their deleterious side effects are unacceptable."

    D.F. Waterhouse and K.R. Norris


  • Bt Coconut Bombs Strike Malaria Vector

  • Intercropping Suppresses Whitefly in Colombia

  • Dragonfly Larvae Dine on Dengue Vector

  • A New Biofungicide from China

  • Habitat Reservoirs: 'Home Sweet Home' for Beneficial Insects

  • Additional Reading About Habitat Management

  • First Resistance to Bt Documented

  • Control Nematodes with Azolla

  • Beneficial Insects Thwart Storage Losses

  • Biocontrol Information Sources

    Volume IV, Number 3, 1991

    "when something so fundamental as water becomes scarce, only fundamental responses will suffice. delaying action simply increases the risk that farmers and crops will be left hight and dry."

    Sandra Postel, State of the World 1990


  • Fodder that Defies Salt

  • Making the Most of Moisture in Somalia

  • Suface Water Management

  • Waterlogged Soils: a Plow to Increase Productivity

  • Training & Reading Resources

    Volume IV, Number 4, 1991

    "crop protection specialists are increasingly being asked to develop pest control methods that are more compatible with the goals of sustainable, productive, stable and equitable agriculture. to meet these aims, research must seek to integrate a range of complemetary pest control methods in a mutually enhancing fashion..."

    Michel P. Pimbert, ICRISAT


  • Fungal Doom for Locusts and Grasshoppers

  • Nibbling Pests Trigger Scent Alarm

  • Researchers, Farmers, and Extersionists: a Rare Rendezvous in Senegal

  • Ageratum Hosts Citrus Beneficials in China

  • Extracts Surpass Synthetics for Suppressing Grasshoppers

  • "lime" Acid Soils with Green Manures

  • Chickens

  • Kangkong Seeds Success for Bangladesh Disaster Victims

    Volume IV, Number 5, 1991

    ""The integration of aquaculture with livestock production offers increased efficiency in resource utilization, reduces risk by diversifying crops and livestocks, and thus provides additional food and income."

    lydia p. libunao


  • goats and fish: integrate to optimize

  • rotting hay hampers algae

  • rice/fish farming in malaysia, improving a time-tested technique

  • integration of aquaculture and agriculture

  • aquaculture research/information resources

  • fishing for good books on small-scale fish farming

  • manure for fish nutrition