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Do you live in Russia?

Dear Russian friend,

This letter is sent to you by a North American company 
"Consumer Health Research" which presently has offices 
in Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia) 
and USA (Blaine, Washington).
Up until recently we had been involved in various 
business ventures in Russia. 
In the course of our business activities we learnt 
to appreciate a high educational, professional and 
entrepreneural level of people of Russia. 
We strongly feel that there is a good potential 
for a cooperation that we would like to discuss with you.

that, in your opinion, could be succesfully sold 
in the West, particularly, in North America?  
This is the question we want to ask you first 
of all...   And, if you do,

We probably do not have to tell you about a poor 
condition the Russian banking system is in.
It is very hard to get paid by any local company 
that you are dealing with but it is 100 times harder 
to get paid by a client or a buyer from abroad just 
because banks are not willing to release their hard 
currency reserves. Here is what we have to offer:
We have cash funds available to our representatives
in Moscow that could be dispatched almost immediately 
to anywhere in Russia or in any other former 
Soviet Republics. 
It could be done in a form of cash in hard currency 
or a telegraph transfer in rubles based on an exchange 
rate at the time of transaction, or any other form.

It will be vitally important for us to maintain 
a firm business relationship with you for as long 
as you are able to continue supplying quality products 
and services. 
That is why it is totally inconceivable for us  
not to honor our commitment to you. 
Besides, the moment that we did not pay what is 
owed to you there obviously will be no more orders 
that you will authorize and, therefore, 
no more business unless and until you are paid in full.
We can also help you to find a right market place 
for your product and establish the optimum price level.

So, let us get to work. If you feel that we could work together 
the way it has been described above, please, contact us 
by e-mail:  norton@infoserve.net  or  by Fax: (604)683-7825  
and  tell us about yourself.
   You do not have to reply in English, Russian would be fine.

Alex Norton

/Vice-President of Consumer Health Research Corp/.