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4-я Международная конференция "Новое в образовании по экономике

4-я Международная конференция "Новое в образовании по экономике
и бизнесу: Обучение предпринимательству в информационную эру"
состоится в Шотландии, Великобритания 1-3 сентября 1997 года. Для того,
чтобы принять участие в ее работе необходимо послать тезисы доклада до 
февраля 1997 года. Регистрационный взнос - 250 фунтов стерлингов.

           4th Annual EDINEB International Conference

       EDucational INnovation in Economics and Business:
       Educating Entrepreneurship for the Information Age

                     September 1 - 3, 1997
             Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland
            Under the Auspices of the EDINEB Network
Educating Entrepreneurship for the Information Age

Managing  change  in the university curriculum is regarded  as  a
major challenge now that we are moving into the information  age.
Universities are put under pressure to adapt curricula to  chang-
ing societal demands, preparing our students for the  Information
Age.  Orientation to information technology and information  sys-
tems  is  viewed as one of the new objectives for  academic  pro-
grams.  Educational  innovations are  targeting  at  transforming
faculty  from  teachers  to managers in  learning  processes,  in
introducing information and learning technologies, and at design-
ing relevant programs by developing corporate partnerships.  What
are the implications for business and managerial education?  What
role  should economics play in business curricula? What  kind  of
methods  and approaches are available to transform economics  and
business education?

This 1997 International Conference of EDINEB will bring  faculty,
instructors, trainers, practising managers, development  officers
and graduate students from around the world to share research and
information about innovative business education.  The  conference
will  be  an exceptional opportunity to collaborate  and  network
with others interested in this subject area. As past  conferences
have centred predominately on business and management  education,
the  format of the 1997 conference is likely to include a  number
of extra sessions focusing on new approaches to economics  educa-

Suggested themes for paper presentations, as well as  interactive
workshops, demonstrations and round-table discussions, are:

*  Educating Economics of Entrepreneurship
*  New Economics for the Information Age
*  Transitional Economics
*  Teaching Relevant Economics for the Business World
*  Training Students in Issues of Local Economic Development
*  Computer-assisted Learning in Economics and Business
*  Innovative  Approaches to Teaching and Learning  in  Economics
   and Business Education
*  Management of Change in Professional Education
*  Staff Development
*  Platforms for Delivery of Information Technology in Education


Abstracts  (maximum 500 words) should contain author(s)  name(s),
title/position,  institution, address, telephone and fax  number,
and  e-mail address. Abstracts will be published in the  official
programme. No more than two abstracts may be submitted by any one
author.  Abstract submissions should be received by  February  1,
1997.  Authors  will be notified about  acceptance  of  abstracts
before April 1, 1997.  Send abstracts to:

                        Malcolm Pettigrew
                        Napier University
                     Department of Economics
                         Sighthill Court
                  Edinburgh EH11 4BN, Scotland
              Tel: +44 131 455 3370 (department) or
                   +44 131 455 3474 (office)
              Fax: +44 131 455 3475 (department) or
                   +44 131 455 3474 (office)
                E-mail: M.Pettigrew@napier.ac.uk


* 250 Pounds for EDINEB members
* 250 Pounds for nonmembers until May 1, 1997
* 295 Pounds for nonmembers after May 1, 1997
In  case of cancellation, payment will be refunded if  a  written
request  (contact Network secretariat) is received prior to  July
1, 1997. All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee.

Nonmembers may register at member rates if a membership  applica-
tion  and  dues payment accompany the  registration.   Forms  for
membership  registration  are available from the  EDINEB  Network

EDINEB Network Secretariat

                       Mrs. Ellen Nelissen
                         EDINEB Network
                      Maastricht University
                           PO Box 616
                       6200 MD Maastricht
                         the Netherlands
                       Tel: +31 43 3883770
                       Fax: +31 34 3216518